Smartly crafted comprehensive value added services, digital marketing solutions, consulting with igniting innovating platforms. Leverage our offerings blended with technological evolutions to effectively retain customers, reach new audiences, improving customer engagement, ensuring an optimal customer experience & ultimately increase revenues.

What we do

Accomplish requirements with dedicated teams of technical & marketing experts,
from development of mobile/ web / app strategy to achieve maximum target audiences.

Strategies & Approach

Our team would assess your WAP development, eCommerce and digital marketing strategy and clear all your apprehensions, while you focus on your business.

Responsive Web & Mobile Apps

We create apps that transform brands to accelerate business and deliver cutting edge content. Our expertise is in Creating cross-platform Apps, Adaptive websites, rich media content and Mobile video Ads.

Innovative Technologies

We provide a range of solutions to identify the right strategy for businesses. Consultation with conceptualisation, designing, developing solutions like eCommerce, Quick Response matrix or Near Field Communication solutions.

End to End Implementation

We provide assistance with overall business requirements and plan for the long term. Implementing new approaches to ensure customer satisfaction & follow up till the desired results are achieved.

Targeting, Optimisation & Performance Analytics

Optimize to reach the right users everyday, everywhere from local to global markets

Targeting Right Audience

Tailor-made customer approach

Digital advertising allows in targeting the audiences from different segment of the potential customers. To resort to targeting them most effectively, one must understand exactly who they are and what message to convey.

Local and Global Location Filtering

Adopting different techniques based on location

Global marketing strategy requires prioritization, coordination and focus. Geo-targeting or geolocation technology helps in communicating as effectively as possible. We help in online audience segmentation; location based content segregation and traffic management.

Dedicated Support

Of processes and digital campaigns

Using benchmark for evaluation of activities, one can easily see where the problem lies, and can focus budget accordingly. Such as continuous optimization of campaigns by lowering CPC, higher conversions from qualified traffic and increase the reach etc.

Our Telecom Partners

Who we are

SixDots digital mainly engaged with a variety of content offerings to help our partners with great advantage. We are trying to capture the widest possible audience, all around the world We are strongly commited in providing persistent delivery of various contents like games, health related updates , Yoga,lifestyle and many more.

Our experience across web & mobile platforms with strategic team of digital analysts & technology consultants equips us to be able to respond quickly to new developments & technological needs.

To ensure success in this competitive market, we work dynamically & proactively providing creative solutions for small to large enterprises from the perspective of branding as well as monetization opportunities.

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